Ranch and Ham Pinwheels

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Ingredients :

1/2 pound of Ham- Which ever flavor you like best
6-8 tortillas
2- 8 oz packages of cream cheese
1 packet of Ranch mix in

How to make it :

First you need to mix up your cream cheese and packet of ranch until creamy.
Now lay out a tortilla and spread your ranch mixture around the whole thing.
Now add in your ham right in the middle.
Roll them up!!!! Wrap them up in saran wrap and make sure you get them tight. Place in fridge to set, this really helps to mold it. Place in fridge from 1 hour up to 2 days before slicing.
Unwrap and slice with a sharp knife to make your pin wheels- I can usually get 8-10 per log. Depending on how thick I would like them.

Serve and Enjoy!

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